We can help sleep disorders

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We can help sleep disorders

Sleep disorders are common; affecting a large number of us at sometime during our life.

They are made up of around 90 disorders including disorders that primarily affect sleep itself and those where sleep is disrupted from outside.

Sleep is a natural and active process although it usually occurs automatically and without our thinking about it. A normal sleep follows a standard pattern with us cycling up and down through several levels of sleep every 90 minutes or so through the night. Usually the best quality sleep is commoner at the beginning of the night whereas  dreaming tends to occur more frequently before we wake.

Several sleep disorders occur in specific sleep stages and a patients history or account of timing and details of symptoms can help determine the common disorders.

Sleep can be investigated in many ways but commonest is an overnight sleep study. Historically these were performed in hospital but many sleep disorders can now be diagnosed with simpler test performed in your own home. Other disorders may require blood tests or specific measurements of daytime sleepiness.

We have a large experience of all sleep disorders and their treatments.

If you have a problem sleeping and would like to discuss this in detail

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With specialist interest in sleep medicine, Dr Pepperell is highly experienced in the assessment and treatment of snoring, and in dealing with sleep apnoea, respiratory failure and pleural disease. He has a strong research background and has published over 30 peer-reviewed publications on sleep apnoea and cardiovascular disease, and currently runs an active research programme, as well as editing Journal submissions and writing Medicolegal reports on Asbestos related disease, personal injury and occupational lung disease. Dr Pepperell has also developed advanced techniques in bronchoscopy and medical thoracoscopy and established a sleep laboratory and medical thoracoscopy service for the investigation of pleural fluid collections.