Sleep Disorder

sleep-disorder3Most people have the occasional night when they can’t get to sleep, and days when they feel too sleepy to function properly – and most people snore occasionally. It’s when sleep becomes a problem and affects everyday life that it’s termed a sleep disorder. The South West Sleep Clinic is here to provide advice and treatment for a wide range of sleep disorders.

We Treat Adults

Whilst all ages – babies, toddlers, older children, adolescents, adults and the elderly, can have sleep problems particular to their age group, sadly we are unable to see children at the Nuffield Health Taunton Hospital. Bedtime and night-waking problems often affect babies and toddlers, teenagers’ sleep patterns can be erratic whilst the elderly may suffer from disturbed sleep, particularly if they have dementia. People with a learning disability can have unique sleep disorders, and there are difficulties related to shift-work and other types of work.

sleep-disorder4Adults suffer from insomnia of various types and with many different root causes, from worry and anxiety to breathing problems.

Snoring and the related condition sleep apnoea (where the sufferer stops breathing for at least ten seconds and starts again with a snort), are common and by disturbing family members can ruin relationships. Snoring and sleep apnoea can also be life threatening, increasing the possibility of heart problems and strokes.


Medical Conditions & Sleep


Sleep disturbance can be caused by low mood or other neurological disorders, by infections of the mouth, nose throat and airways and by chronic lung diseases. Symptoms apart from insomnia can be restless legs, sleepwalking, nightmares, narcolepsy (where a person falls asleep suddenly and without warning), and excessive daytime sleepiness.

There are around 85 different sleep disorders overall. Eliminating a sleep disorder can be as simple as making some lifestyle changes – or it can require medication, or even night-time breathing apparatus. Whatever the sleep disorder, if you feel it is affecting your quality of life it’s worth seeing if the South West Sleep Clinic can find a solution for you.


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