About South West Sleep Clinic

The South West Sleep Clinic (SWSC) provides treatment and advice for a wide range of sleep problems in patients of all ages, including the elderly. We offer help for problems such as:about1

  • Adult insomnia of all types
  • Bedtime & night-waking problems
  • Unsatisfactory sleep patterns in teenagers
  • Disturbed sleep in the elderly
  • Sleep difficulties associated with work or shift-work
  • Sleep disorders & neurological disorders
  • Sleeping problems for dementia sufferers
  • Sleep disturbance caused by depression
  • Excessive sleepiness
  • Sleepwalking
  • Sleeping problems


Dr justin peperrellAt the South West Sleep Clinic your Doctor is Dr Justin Pepperell, who has a thriving practice specialising in acute general and respiratory medicine, including complex lung diseases and sleep disorders.

With his specialist interest in sleep medicine, Dr Pepperell is highly experienced in the assessment and treatment of snoring, and in dealing with sleep apnoea, respiratory failure and pleural disease.

He has a strong research background and has published over 30 peer-reviewed publications on sleep apnoea and cardiovascular disease, and currently runs an active research programme, as well as editing Journal submissions and writing Medicolegal reports on Asbestos related disease, personal injury and occupational lung disease.

Dr Pepperell has also developed advanced techniques in bronchoscopy and medical thoracoscopy and established a sleep laboratory and medical thoracoscopy service for the investigation of pleural fluid collections.

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